The initial public offering of Relais Group Plc has been oversubscribed and the listing will be completed as planned



The Board of Directors of Relais Group Plc (“Relais Group” or “the Company”) have today decided on the completion of the initial public offering of Relais Group (the “Offering”). The subscription price for the Offer Shares (as defined below) was EUR 7.40 per share in the Public Offering (as defined below) and the Institutional Offering (as defined below), and EUR 6.67 per share in the Personnel Offering (as defined below), which in total corresponds to a market capitalization of the Company of approximately EUR 120 million immediately following the Offering. Trading in the shares in the Company (the “Shares”) is expected to start on the First North Growth Market Finland marketplace (“First North”) of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (“Nasdaq Helsinki”) on or about October 17, 2019.

Relais Group will issue 2,705,000 new shares in the Company (the “New Shares”) (the “Share Issue”), corresponding to approximately 16.7 percent of the total number of the Shares after the Offering. In addition, certain shareholders of the Company (the “Sellers”) will sell 1,350,000 existing Shares (the “Sale Shares”) (the “Share Sale”). Unless the context indicates otherwise, the New Shares and the Sale Shares are together referred to herein as the “Offer Shares”. The Offer Shares correspond to approximately 25.0 percent of the total number of Shares after the Offering.

880,054 Offer Shares will be allocated to private individuals and entities in Finland (the “Public Offering”), 3,135,000 Offer Shares will be allocated in private placements to institutional investors in Finland and internationally (the “Institutional Offering”) and 39,946 Offer Shares will be allocated to the salaried employees employed by the Company or its group companies during the subscription period and to the members of the Management Team of the Company (the “Personnel Offering”). The Public Offering was oversubscribed clearly and the subscription commitments given in the Public Offering will be accepted in full for up to 100 Offer Shares and for up to approximately 62.4 percent of the subscription commitments exceeding this amount. In the Personnel Offering, 39,946 Offer Shares were subscribed. The 5,054 Shares that were not subscribed for in the Personnel Offering have been reallocated to the Public Offering.

The Company will receive gross proceeds of approximately EUR 20 million from the Offering and the Sellers will receive gross proceeds of approximately EUR 10 million. The total number of the Shares will increase to 16,213,800 Shares after the New Shares offered in the Offering are registered in the Finnish Trade Register on or about October 16, 2019. The number of shareholders after the Offering will increase to more than 2,000 shareholders.

The shares subscribed for in the Public Offering and the Personnel Offering are expected to be recorded in the book-entry accounts of investors who made approved commitments on or about October 16, 2019. The shares subscribed for in the Institutional Offering are expected to be ready to be delivered against payment through Euroclear Finland Ltd on or about October 21, 2019.

A confirmation letter regarding the approval of the commitments and allocation of the Offer Shares will be sent as soon as possible and on or about October 17, 2019, to all investors who have submitted their commitments in the Public Offering. Any excess payments made in connection with the commitments will be refunded to investor who submitted the commitment on or about October 16, 2019, to the Finnish bank account specified in the commitment or, in respect of the Nordnet Bank AB’s own customers, to Nordnet Bank AB’s cash account. If the investor’s bank account is in another financial institution than the subscription place, the refund will be paid to a Finnish bank account in accordance with the payment schedule of the financial institutions, approximately no later than two banking days thereafter.

Trading in the Shares is expected to commence on the First North marketplace of Nasdaq Helsinki on or about October 17, 2019. The ISIN code of the Shares is FI4000391487 and the share trading code is RELAIS.

Evli Bank Plc acts as the lead manager in the Offering and as the certified advisor according to the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Rulebook. Roschier, Attorneys Ltd. acts as the legal adviser to the Company in the listing.

CEO Arni Ekholm:

”We are delighted by the interest investors have shown in our listing. Relais is a profitable and highly growth-oriented company that creates value for its customers in the field of spare parts and equipment resale for the full duration of a vehicle’s lifecycle. Our goal is to double our turnover in five years, both organically and through acquisitions. Listing will help us implement our strong growth strategy. We want to thank all of our new shareholders for their trust – let’s keep together the wheels of society turning!”

Further information:

Relais Group Plc
Arni Ekholm, CEO
+358 40 760 3323

Certified Adviser:
Evli Bank Plc, tel. +358 40 579 6210

Relais Group in brief

Relais Group is an importer and technical wholesaler that actively develops its vehicle electrical equipment and spare parts business operations in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Relais creates added value for its customers by offering vehicle spare parts, electrical equipment and specialist services throughout the life cycle of vehicles in a reliable, efficient and timely manner. As a strongly growth-oriented company, Relais aims to be an industry forerunner in the vehicle life cycle enhancement business. The reported net sales of Relais Group amounted to EUR 72.5 million in 2018 and, illustrating the impact of Relais’ acquisition of ABR and Huzells in May 2019, the pro forma net sales of Relais Group amounted to EUR 119 million in 2018. The company employs more than 260 people in five countries.


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