From a local supplier of electrical spare parts to a Nordic partner

The history of Relais Group goes back to Startax Auto-Electronics Oy, a company specialising in car and commercial vehicle electronics founded in Tampere in 1996. In 2010, Relais Investment Oy was established as the parent company of Startax Auto-Electronics Oy to support the growth and internationalisation of Startax.

The establishment of Startax AS in 2011 saw the expansion of the business from Finland to Estonia. In 2014, the Group acquired JA-Tools JA-Elektro Oy in Finland and Maskin-Teknisk AS in Norway.
Startax Auto-Electronics Oy and JA-Tools JA-Elektro Oy were merged in 2016, and the new company was named Startax Finland Oy.

Relais experienced strong growth and international expansion in 2017 and 2018 with the acquisition of Awimex International AB in Sweden.

In May 2019, we and the Swedish companies AB Reservdelar and Huzells i Karlstad AB joined forces and became a leading automotive electrical equipment and spare parts provider in the Nordic countries.
In October 2019, we listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland, after which we have carried out targeted acquisitions in line with our strategy with determination.

In the beginning of 2020, we acquired SEC Scandinavia A/S in Denmark and TD Tunga Delar Sverige AB in Sweden.

At the beginning of 2021, we acquired Strands Group AB, a Swedish company specialising in global exports of vehicle lighting, as a result of which our position as one of Europe’s most significant players in the vehicle lighting aftermarket was further strengthened. 

In February 2021, we acquired Raskone Oy, the largest independent commercial vehicle repair and maintenance chain in the Nordic countries, and in March 2021, we welcomed Lumise Oy, an innovative vehicle lighting e-commerce operator, to the growing Relais family. 

In November 2021, we completed the acquisition of STS Sydhamnens Trailer Service AB, a commercial vehicle repair and maintenance business, and in December, Trucknik Reservdelar AB, a wholesaler specialising in spare parts for heavy commercial vehicles.

In May 2022, we acquired the share capital of the Swedish Skeppsbrons Jönköping AB. In July, we acquired the Danish LED lighting technology company Ecofoss A/S.

Today, we operate in six different countries and serve our customers under several of our own brands.

Our group companies include:

  • Startax Finland Oy
  • Startax AS
  • Startax Maskin-Teknisk AS
  • Awimex International AB
  • AB Reservdelar
  • Huzells Tunga Delar AB
  • SEC Scandinavia A/S
  • Strands Group AB
  • Raskone Oy
  • Lumise Oy
  • Design by Scandinavian Metal AB
  • STS Sydhamnens Trailer Service AB
  • Skeppsbrons Jönköping AB
  • Ecofoss A/S
  • Helsingborgs Bildelsbutik AB