A pioneer and active consolidator of the industry

We are an active consolidator in our industry and have a strong track record of successful acquisitions. Our strategy is based on achieving growth by combining balanced growth through acquisitions with organic growth that is faster than the market average. This is supported by synergies between the existing group companies and newly acquired companies.

Our sector focus and extensive expertise in the vehicle aftermarket enable us to take advantage of synergies that support the group’s growth. We target acquisitions on companies that are a good strategic fit with our group companies.

We focus on vehicle life cycle enhancement and related services. We provide equipment, spare parts and expert services for car and commercial vehicles as well as maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles through our group companies in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We create added value for our customers with our comprehensive range of products and services as well as our digital e-commerce solutions.

Our business model is efficient and locally decentralised, which enables us to flexibly expand our operations to new service areas and markets as well.

A growing vehicle lighting business and own brands

Our companies have strong expertise in vehicle lighting solutions. We also provide a comprehensive selection of our strong lighting brands and well-known global partners’ products. Our goal is to further develop our product range according to our customers’ needs.

The automotive lighting solutions market represents global potential for us. With the company acquisitions, we have a strong position in the market and, at the same time, the share of the Group’s total sales represented by our brands is growing significantly.

The global growth of our lighting brands is a significant driver and opportunity for growth.

Commercial vehicles play a key role

Commercial vehicles play a key role in our business and we see excellent opportunities in the further development of related business in the Nordics.

With the maintenance and repair business of commercial vehicles, we have taken a step closer to end customers. Having a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs makes it possible for us to develop even better service concepts in the future.

The customer base of our group companies operating in wholesale mostly consists of corporate customers. They are mainly spare parts and equipment dealers operating in the aftermarket independent of vehicle manufacturers (for example, local and regional distributors and retail chains) and vehicle equipment companies. We also have customers in special sectors, such as industry and the defence and maritime sectors. The customer base of group companies operating in maintenance and repair business mainly consists of large customers in the logistics industry, transport companies of various sizes, and customers in the defence sector, for example.

Knowing the needs of the customer and reliability, fast deliveries and agile operations are at the core of our service promise.

Our key suppliers are major global manufacturers

We focus on offering special parts, which enables us to maintain a comprehensive inventory and offer a high level of expertise and specialisation to our customers. We purchase the products from hundreds of different well-known and reliable suppliers, mainly from Europe, North America and Asia. Our key suppliers are major global spare parts and equipment producers. Our own branded products are mainly manufactured by local partners in Asia.

Due to the geographical distribution of our suppliers, we are able to cover the full range of products that our customers need, while at the same time managing relationships with our suppliers and optimising procurements between group companies.