Financial targets and dividend policy

Our net sales target for the strategic planning period extending to 2026:

  • pro forma net sales of EUR 500 million by the end of year 2026.

The net sales target is based on a detailed strategy for the years 2021–2026. The strategy is still based on a combination of strong growth through acquisitions and organic growth at an average pace exceeding the market growth. We aim to accelerate and reinforce our acquisition activities. At the same time, we are expanding the potential acquisition target area to include the entire mobility-related aftermarket, with the main focus remaining on the Nordic vehicle aftermarket.

Dividend policy

Relais’ dividend policy is to target annual dividends that exceed 30 percent of the average comparable earnings per share of the group, over a business cycle. In proposing the dividend, the group’s equity, acquisition opportunities and financing needs related to them, liquidity position, long-term financing and investment needs, growth plans, the requirements of the Limited Liability Companies Act for distribution of dividends and other factors that the company’s Board of Directors consider important are taken into account. 

For each year, the future amount of dividends, if any, and their timing will depend on the future results of the group companies, financial position, cash flows, investment needs, solvency, the ability of the company’s subsidiaries to distribute dividends or otherwise transfer assets to the company, and other factors.