Huzells Tunga Delar – a reliable partner with a passion for heavy vehicles

In 2023 Huzells i Karlstad AB and TD Tunga Delar Sverige AB initiated a merger of the two companies. Initially, the two companies were united under the same logo and graphic profile, while also changing their names. Huzells i Karlstad AB changed its name to Huzells Tunga Delar i Karlstad AB, and TD Tunga Delar Sverige AB changed its name to Huzells Tunga Delar i Gävle AB.

With a history that stretches back to 1888, and with an aggressive “greenfield-strategy” in recent years, the companies are now united in a market-leading position with very good conditions to succeed in profitable growth. 

In 2021, Trucknik AB was also acquired as a subsidiary of the group, and in 2023 work began on merging this company as well. Together, the companies have operations in a total of nine locations in Sweden, from Helsingborg in the south to Skellefteå in the north.

With focus on safety and quality, Huzells Tunga Delar has created a product offering from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of spare parts, components and accessories for automotive applications. The backbone and hallmark of the company is its dedicated and competent organization contributing to exceed customer expectations of service, quality and lead time.

From our central warehouses in Karlstad and Gävle, we daily serve hundreds of retailers and work-shops throughout Sweden. Currently stocking more than 20,000 article numbers and with a comprehensive range of 60,000 articles in our offering we serve customers operating busses, trucks, trailers and construction machinery.

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