The aftermarket of vehicle market comprises customizing and equipping, wholesale of spare parts and equipment, retail of spare parts and equipment as well as workshop and installation services. We have specifically specialized and established itself as a national wholesaler of spare parts and equipment.

The aftermarket is divided into two categories

1. The manufacturing, supply and distribution of original spare parts and equipment (“OE”).

Typically, parts and equipment for new vehicles are manufactured by major global companies. The global parts manufacturers supply vehicle manufacturers, such as e.g. Volvo, with parts and equipment both for manufacturing and assembly of new vehicles, as well as for the after sales life of the vehicle. The vehicle manufacturers (e.g. Volvo) distribute original parts and equipment, often with their own brand, within the OE channel through their sales units and affiliated distributors, who in turn supply OE garages and affiliated dealers (e.g. Bilia). The end customer, be it private or corporate customers, is provided maintenance and repair services by the OE garages and affiliated dealers.

2. The independent aftermarket

Relais operates in the independent aftermarket, i.e. where independent importers and wholesalers provide products and services independent of vehicle manufacturers. The suppliers of spare parts and equipment in the independent aftermarket are often the same global parts manufacturers, and they sell the same original parts and equipment manufactured according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers. Independent importers and wholesalers procure spare parts and equipment, depending on their own size and relationships towards suppliers, either directly from the suppliers or through regional distributors.

The importers and wholesalers then distribute parts and equipment directly or through local resellers to workshop chains, parts outlets or independent garages.

There are also some companies in the independent aftermarket, who have integrated further down the value chain to control the chain from import and wholesale to the end customer, including own local distribution, retail and workshop services.

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