Financial targets and dividend policy

We aim to double our turnover in five years. We aim to grow through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.

  • Organic growth: We target to continue growing at an average pace exceeding the market growth, which is supported by targeted top-line synergies, e.g. cross-sales between the existing and acquired entities.
  • Based on our management’s view, the overall market has been growing during the recent years at moderate but stable rate of approximately 1–3 percent annually, depending on product category and geography.
  • M&A based growth: Our targets to make 1–2 add-on acquisitions per year.
  • We aim to achieve considerable synergies with long term impact from the combination with ABR and Huzells. Synergies are expected to be realised from cross-selling between group companies and from purchasing. In the mid-term by 2021, we target annual net sales synergies of EUR 6–8 million. Synergies are expected to have an impact from financial year 2020 onwards.

Dividend policy

Our dividend policy is to target annual dividends that exceed 30 percent of the average comparable profit of the Group, excluding amortization of goodwill, over a business cycle. 

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