Our listing to support the implementation of our strong growth strategy

The Nordics are countries of long distances — where transporting people and goods keeps the wheels of society turning. Relais is an important part of this value chain. The ever-increasing demand for mobility also increases the need for vehicle maintenance and repairs, which in turn increases demand for spare and special parts. Operators in the transport sector need a strong and reliable partner that provides the critical solutions for the various stages of the vehicle lifecycle that keep vehicles moving safely – every day.

Relais is a profitable and highly growth-oriented company that creates value for its customers in the field of spare parts and equipment resale for the full duration of a vehicle’s lifecycle. We generate added value for our customers through the use of our own digital tools, our top-level customer service, and our wide selection of over 150 000 stock keeping units. We provide vehicle electrical equipment, spare parts, and specialist services for use throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle — reliably, efficiently, and in a timely manner. 

We specialise in the vehicle independent aftermarket, which for us is the most interesting segment of our industry. We operate as a nationwide importer and technical wholesaler in each of our territories. This market is large and stable. There are 19 million passenger and commercial vehicles in the Nordic and Baltic countries, all of which are in constant need of spare parts and equipment. We service this need reliably and in a timely manner.

We have a strong growth strategy that we are resolutely implementing. Our growth prospects in the Nordic countries are good and market drivers with defensive qualities support our business. Our goal is to double our turnover in five years — both organically and through acquisitions.

In May 2019 we joined forces with the Swedish companies AB Reservdelar (ABR) and Huzells i Karlstad AB (Huzells). ABR has a strong foothold in the Swedish spare parts market for passenger vehicles and Huzells is a strong player in the commercial vehicles market. These mergers will help us provide our customers with an even more comprehensive service package and customer support, as well as one of the widest product ranges in our industry.

Our goal is to maintain a strong and stable organic growth trajectory by leveraging the leading market position of our Group companies and by developing the cross-selling opportunities between these companies. We keep abreast of technological advances and pay close attention to what’s happening in our target markets. In particular, we see growth potential in the export of our strong vehicle lighting expertise to other Nordic markets. Expanding our product range with new product lines is another avenue to develop good growth opportunities. And through the combined purchasing power of our Group companies, we also achieve better purchasing conditions with our suppliers.

We continue to pursue targeted acquisitions in line with our strategy and our desire to be an active player in the consolidation of the vehicle independent aftermarket in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Through our corporate listing, we are seeking support for the implementation and financing of our growth strategy. 

Listing will help us implement our strong growth strategy. We want to thank all of our new shareholders for their trust – let’s keep together the wheels of society turning!

Arni Ekholm
Chief Executive Officer

Relais Group Plc
Tähtäinkuja 2
01530 Vantaa