Our business 

We focus on creating value for our customers by providing an extensive range of high quality products in specialized segments with high quality service, technical know-how and fast delivery times.

We operate mainly through our group companies: Startax, Awimex, ABR, Huzells, SEC Scandinavia, TD Tunga Delar and Strands Group.

Our customer base is diversified, and we have long-standing relationships with our customers. Our customer base consists of over 7,000 business customers, which consist mainly of spare parts and equipment resellers operating on the aftermarket independent of vehicle manufacturers (e.g. local and regional wholesalers and retail chains) and vehicle equipping companies. In addition, we have customers in specialized sectors such as industry, military and marine sectors.

We operate only as a B2B wholesaler, we do not own any stores or workshops targeted to consumers. We operate typically as the main supplier for our customers, but the we also act as a second supplier to some customers in certain product groups.

We offer for our customers operating on the independent aftermarket vehicle electrical equipment and spare parts for various types of vehicles, such as passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, agriculture, forestry and construction vehicles.

We focus on specialized equipment, such as vehicle electronics and lighting solutions, we are able to hold an extensive stock and provide our expertise and know-how to our customers.

We have over 150,000 stock keeping units, including both spare parts and equipment. Our spare parts offering covers, among others, starter engines and alternators, engine components, AC-components, brake parts, shock absorbers, clutches, filters, bearings and start batteries. Our equipment offering covers, among others, lightning products, electrical accessories and installation equipment and specific tools.

Our key suppliers are major global manufacturers

Our suppliers are geographically diversified, mainly based across Europe, North America and Asia. Our key suppliers are major global spare parts and equipment producers Our own branded products are mainly manufactured by local partners in Asia.

The diversified approach to sourcing allows us to cover the full portfolio of products that our customers seek, while retaining control over our relationships with suppliers and optimizing our sourcing across multiple countries. In addition to our primary suppliers, we strive to keep back-up suppliers in place for our critical product categories to ensure smooth supply in case of any disruptions.

Centralized, local warehouses in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Spare parts and equipment are warehoused at our central and local warehouses in Nordic and Baltic countries. We aim to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by offering an extensive range of specialized products that can be delivered to the customers promptly from our warehouses.

Our purchasing is managed mainly independently by each country in which we operate. Our operational entities utilize central negotiation with the suppliers, after which the local purchasers operate independently within the negotiated terms.

The e-catalogues are our sales channel

Our main sales channels are the e-catalogues which are, in addition to being a sales channel, also a way for us to increase our visibility to customers.

Our e-catalogues contain all relevant data for spare parts and equipment identification and enables customers to search for, browse and order our products. Our sales teams contact our customers also personally, assist them in making orders and give them technical advice. We pursues to provide excellent customer service and technical guidance for our customers.

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